Fabric Ventures

Every developed fabric bring you a unique and irreplaceable experience, while providing you with a fresh sense of comfort and functionality.  It is important to follow care instructions to ensure the longevity and integrity of the clothing. For specific details on how to maintain our items, please refer to the "Cleaning & Care" page.

Ever wondered what it feels like to second skin? 
Sometimes even a classic needs a makeover- this inter-resilience fabric takes Athlete to a higher levels of fabric performance with quick-drying comfort, power stretchy and shape retention. This revolution layered woven technology brings you a smooth hand feel and superb moisture wicking with new confidence of adaptability and flexibility. easyoga® ACTIVE with tech four-way stretch + slightly brushed tech always tailored for your every-comfy movement, it represents luxurious, soft and stay fresh in all your activities and on-the-go days. 
Most of our fabrics are naturally structured to manage their versatility and move-free with energy-saving and eco-friendly features. Differ from the traditional manufactory process, reduce energy consumption, non-waste water, avoid industrial pollution in many efficient technology, which is to great achieve for excellent elasticity, brighter color and energy conservation.
All items of clothing protect you from the sun, as fabric is a natural barrier. Proper select special functional fabrics at the right time helps you enjoy the process of different exercise. With its lightweight and breathable properties, this anti- UV fabric is able to lighten your practice and offer a layer protection for any type of outdoor workout or activities.
Mastered the science of shaping and applied it to a wide range of garments to give you the same striking results. It’s not just about looking good, shapewear should move effortlessly with you – providing support and sculpting simultaneously – without any discomfort. 
TENCEL™ Athleisure
Derived from renewable wood sources using sustainable production processes, the TENCEL™ brand is a family of fibers well suited for sporting activities. It keep your body pleasantly cool and dry with their natural comfort and versatility, giving you freedom to move with confidence.
Considered the world’s finest. Sometimes called the “cashmere of cotton”. Its extra length creates a lustrous anti-pilling surface with a supple drape. Even after washing, it will stay strong while retaining its smooth resilient experience.
Linen absorbs more moisture and cotton gives great comfort and softness handfeel. The blending of these two natural fibers provides more wrinkle resistant in their virtual states. Made with ultra-lightweight and breathable fabrics gives excellent handfeel, In addition to its high performance in casual wear, this fabric make it suitable for Summer time especially.
ezDenim is inspired by essential skin touch and stretchy performance. This breathable fabric is tailored to a sustainable lifestyle, liberating personal expression through movement by their natural comfort, smoothness and versatility.